About Us

Hello! We are Vlad & Niki.

Vlad is my brother – and Niki is MY brother!

We make episodes on YouTube about our lives – our adventures and our family!
We put our adventures on 15 YouTube channels and many people with different languages and different countries (over 90 Million!) watch our shows.
It’s amazing and we are so glad that we can give a little fun to our friends across the world.

Below are some fun facts about us!


Superpower = Leadership and Energy

• Fast learner, initiates action like hurricane
• Always wants to be first and loves attention
• Sporty, open-minded, caring and amiable
• Favourite hobby – kickboxing and football
• Fan fact – trains in his personal gym at home and loves pets


Superpower = Creative Thinking
• Loves to invent, experiment and express himself through craft & fashion
• Assertive, strong character
• Favourite hobby – painting, singing, puzzles.
• Fan fact – huge foodie, loves cooking & baking, especially pies

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